Coaching with Powerful Interactions®: A Guide for Partnering with Early Childhood Teachers

Judy Jablon, Amy Laura Dombro, and Shaun Johnsen

This interactive, enhanced ebook is a guide for coaches and other professionals who support the work of teachers. Powerful Interactions® Coaching begins with YOU – how you are and how you approach this work. Your stance, or how you are, shapes how you think and act as a coach.

A Powerful Interactions coach:

  • Observes for and highlights teachers' competence

  • Uses observations and articulation to promote intentionality

  • Values individualizing to develop trusting relationships

  • Promotes a mutual learning partnership

  • Supports teachers by modeling what to say and do and how

This guide describes an attitude and way of being that can stand alone or complement any coaching model you are using.


Powerful Interactions®: 
How to Connect with Children
to Extend Their Learning

Amy Laura Dombro, Judy Jablon, and Charlotte Stetson 

In Early Childhood settings, children and teachers interact all day long. The benefits to everyone - children and teachers - will be huge if just some of those "everyday" interactions can become intentional and purposeful Powerful Interactions®! This reflective guide describes what Powerful Interactions are, why they are important and the steps to take to transform everyday interactions into Powerful Interactions. You'll find many specific strategies to help you bring all three Powerful Interaction steps to life with the children in your program.